The owners of Crêpes of Brittany!, Daniel and Thierry, first met in 2008 at Daniel's restaurant, Taste of Brittany, in Stockton California. Thierry, formally a tile contractor on the Monterey Pennisula, and Daniel met again a year later, after the passing of Thierry's mother. They decided to establish an authentic crêperie in Monterey. They opened up the original Crêpes of Brittany!, which was located on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, California in 2010. Both owners are originally from the region of Brittany and Normandy in Northern France. They decided that the authenticity of the products they offered had to reflect upon the region as much as possible. Crêpes of Brittany! started making homemade products using ingredients that we're difficult to acquire in the United States.Our first location was literaly a little corner in a coffee shop, with two tables inside and three tables outside. We were blessed to meet the coffee shop owner and thankful for this location which allowed us to meet the levels of food quality and customer service we insist upon.Six years later we have our own establishment, and are pleased to call it home. The restaurant is located a block away from Fisherman's Wharf and the Portola Plaza Hotel.